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Meat your Beef

If you are visiting King Island and are looking for things to do that connect you with our community and culture our farm tour will be able to give you just that, a true King Island experience. Beef farming has been the biggest industry on King Island for decades due to the excellent conditions to grow grass all year around.

What will you get during our farm tour?

The tour goes for about 1.5 hours. If you decide to stay for lunch or dinner it will go for longer for obvious reasons.

We will adapt our tour to your level of knowledge about farming. For example, if you are a farmer interested in knowing technical details about farming on King Island, we will deliver that. If you are a large group of people the tour will focus on the basics of beef production with an open space for questions from different members of the group. Either way it is a very interactive tour.

We will share with you why and how did we became involved in farming and how did we achieve what we have today. We will show you all the different classes (ages) of cattle so you can visualise how they look at different stages as well as the logistics of running a self replacement herd.

You will get more of the tour if you stay for lunch as we will have more time to talk about beef production and how what we do on the farm translates to the plate.

A video about King Island and about us and what we do

Are you looking at buying agricultural land on King Island?

Why not come for a farm tour and find out from us what King Island has to offer.


Do you want to find out why does King Island produce have such a great name?

We will share our secrets with you.

Our cows are very lucky and able to graze under the tallest lighthouse of the southern hemisphere - Cape Wickham Lighthouse

Situated on the North of King Island, on the way to Cape Wickham Lighthouse, our farm is conveniently located. The perfect stop between the biggest lighthouse of the southern hemisphere - Cape Wickham Lighthouse, the new first class golf course (  and Currie (main King Island Town). 

We run a herd of around 1000 head of pure Angus and Angus cross cattle in 1100 acres. Our cattle are 100% grass fed all year around in the pure and green King Island environment.

 It is safe to say that King Island beef is probably the best in the world (I am sure most people will agree).

Although beef production is our main industry, we also have a small production of quails for quail eggs and free range chickens for egg production, all pasture fed.  We also have a flow hive and soon we will be producing our own honey.

Offering a true paddock to plate experience, you will be able taste some of the best produce in Tasmania and on King Island. Have a look at our catering options here

What our guests are saying

This photo of King Island Farm Tours - Meat Your Beef is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This photo of King Island Farm Tours - Meat Your Beef is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Conveniently located on the way back from Cape Wickham to Currie. Ana (the owner) went above and beyond, totally delightful.
The family have been on the Island for many decades and provide a great insight into the evolution of the Beef industry here. Fascinating to hear about the fall of the abattoir, rise of JBS meat, and where King Island industries are headed now. Wonderful to see such healthy happy cows, and taste the final product! Tender delicious steak with king island cream and mushroom sauce.
Suitable for all ages. Kids would love meeting the quails, chickens, pony and horse!
Visited April 2016
— Eliza M Geelong, Australia - TripAdvisor
Highly recommend! The tour is really informative, the guide Ana is super friendly and passionate about farming, King Island and Beef! Also highly recommend to stay for lunch, you won’t be disappointed and it’s a great way to end a fantastic tour! Do your self a favour and book!
— Jessica T Sydney, Australia - TripAdvisor

We represent what King Island is all about:

Green     Healthy    Grass Fed

 Natural     Safe


 Our cows are special, they are grass fed and Kelpfed

Our cows are special, they are grass fed and Kelpfed

Our aim is to share with you our passion for farming and for King Island

We want to share the secrets to good and sustainable food production. We want to raise awareness about farming (the good and the not so good) and its value to the all community. Our animals are healthy and happy and that translates to the plate, in quality and flavour.


These are some of our recent photos that we post on our Instagram page @meatyourbeef