Farm Tours

Visitors Package


There are a few different options:

  • Just Tour: Farm tour will go for approximately 1.5hours. We start at our house. I will take you around farm and look at all different classes of cattle (cows, calves, bulls, etc.) The tour is tailored to your level of knowledge. No tour is the same. It all depends on what you want to get out of it.
    • Price:
      • up to 2 people: $80
      • 2-4 people: $35pp
      • 4 - 8 people: $30pp
      • 8 - 12 people: $25pp
      • 12 - 20 people: $20pp
      • Children up to 12 y.o. FREE
  • Tour and paddock to plate lunch or dinner RECOMMENDED: With this option you will get a lot more of the tour basically because we will spend more time together. You will also have the opportunity to taste our beef. I love cooking and I am passionate for cooking with all cuts of meat and make them all taste special.
    • Tour will start at 10.30am if you want the lunch option or 3.30 pm if you want the dinner option
    • You can choose your menu, just give me a call a few days prior to your visit so I can workout a menu that suits you.
    • You can also choose between just 1, 2 or 3 course meal (the King Island Feast).
    • Price for lunch/dinner (Please add the tour price to this):
      • $35/pp main course,
      • $50/pp two course or
      • $65/pp for the King Island Feast
      • Children up to 12 pay half price and 0-2y.o are FREE



  • Call me to discuss payment method 0427 118 903 or email . I can send you an invoice or you can pay on the day. All prices are GST inclusive.

You don't have to book through the website. You can contact us and arrange booking details and payment via email or over the phone (Ana - 0427118903).

Locals Package


All locals or locals with visitors have a 20% discount on the farm tour